Guide on How to Personalize Your Gift Hamper

Do you want a gift hamper that will look appealing to the receiver? Making your own hampers is quite different than the ones you would see in stores or online. A personalized hamper is made to help people choose what they would like to include, such as a bottle of wine, a silk scarf, cheese, or anything they may be of interest to them.

A personalized hamper is created unique and thought out. Not only will it be well received, it is also tailored to the interests of the recipient and can be enjoyable to make yourself as well. Making a personalized hamper will help to ensure that it is useful. You can choose the right goodies that your receiver will enjoy rather than being just another hamper.

You can opt for fancy food items that the person would not normally purchase but will still enjoy as a practical gift.


Here is our guide on how to personalize your gift hamper.

Choose a Theme

The theme should reflect on the occasion and receiver of the hamper. Who is the basket for? What do they enjoy? Consider the popular themes that include food, gardening, crafting, spa, movies, sports, and even coffee.

Decide the Budget

How much you are willing to spend on your budget will determine what will go into it. If you have a flexible budget, you can take the opportunity of making an aesthetically pleasing presentation. For a frugal gift hamper, you can also opt to make the contents yourself. The hamper may include homemade truffles, chocolate chip cookies, and everything else you can whip up. After all, homemade goodies taste much better than store bought items.

Make the Contents

Hampers are not just about wine and shortbread. You can literally put anything you want to choose. The main thing to consider is the contents that your recipient will enjoy. Make the contents reflect the interests of your theme. If you are going for a child’s hamper, choose their favorite snacks, a movie, and even a few toys to fill in.

If you plan to make a wine gift hamper, opt for great pairings such as cheese, short bread, fruits, and chocolate. Choosing the items is always a great idea as your recipient will enjoy the thoughtfulness and the time you took to create it yourself.

There are plenty of specialty teas, biscuits, chocolates, coffees, oils, dressings, etc. However, if the person does not enjoy these items, it will all go to waste and unappreciated.

Pick the container

Hamper baskets are the most popular containers to choose from. If you are set on using a basket, be sure to look for a place that offers the best deal. Otherwise, you might end up spending more of your budget on the container and less on the items itself.

You can also get creative with your theme. For instance, if you chose a baking theme, why not use a bake ware, bowls, glasses, mugs or crockery in replacement of a basket.

Got any tips on what to look for and how to make a personalized gift hamper? Comment below and share your tips with us!