What to Put in Your Christmas Hamper

When choosing what you want to put in a Christmas hamper, it is important to keep their receiver in mind. Consider the traditional essentials of Christmas such as fruitcake, mince pies, and even pudding. Add the unusual artisan produce that would interest to the gift hamper. The main object is to choose the perfect hamper that your recipient would enjoy.


Here is what to put in your Christmas hamper.

Embrace the sweets

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in sweet cravings. So make sure to provide plenty of sweet treats in your hamper. Fudge is always a great option as many fine artisan producers make their own fudges in quality, yet small batches.

Add the essential Christmas items

A Christmas hamper would not be complete without the traditional Christmas pudding and mince pies. While these items are often overlooked, they still set the tone for a great Christmas hamper.

Add savory options

Most people have a sweet tooth, but many also have a guilty pleasure for savory snacks like quality nuts, beef jerky, and cheese biscuits. You can also add crisps in artisan flavors to make a great substance for nibbling with wine during the festive holiday season.

Add More Chocolate

Chocolate is always a game changer when it comes to gift hampers. It is even considered as an incomplete hamper without quality chocolate. Aim for artisan options such as chocolate covered sea salted caramels or handmade bars paired with nuts and dried fruit. Just be sure to match the items with the interest of the receiver.

Freshly Baked Goods

Choose items that are freshly based to make your Christmas hamper the best one yet. If possible, include cold meats, smoked salmon, pate, cheeses, and dried fruits as they are all well known to be enjoyed during the holiday events.

What do you plan to add in your Christmas hamper? Comment below and let us know your favorite add-ons!